In fact, to answer if photography is art, or not, we must also ask whether children's paintings are art. And what is art really if not a form of expression? And photography meets this condition. As well as children's drawings. Of course, a much deeper examination is needed to give a complete answer, but art is one of the most subjective things on the planet, and for some one thing is art, for others it is not.
Leonardo da Vinci created art. Mona Lisa is art. But are all her copies printed on paper somewhere in China art? Is remaking old paintings art? Is conveyor printing an art? Most people would say it isn't. And they're probably right.
And here lies the puzzle - photography is art when its purpose is self-expression. Now some would raise the question of whether paid photography is art - to me there is no difference. You can pay an artist to make a portrait of you, but in that portrait, it will depict not only you but also the person who made it, his brushstrokes, his selection of colours, and his vision of art.
But like fine art, photography is something that one develops. Artists did not create great works from birth. Photographers also don't create the perfect moments the first time they pick up the camera. It takes some time for which a person learns to catch the light, to judge the angles, to see the world around him in frames. To be able to create the perfect moment, but also to know when something is beautiful because of its imperfection.
If you want your photos for your collection, promotional materials, and business website to look perfect, be interesting and catch the eye - then you are in the right place. I am a photographer with a lot of experience in creating great moments. For me photography is love and every shot is important. If you need a professional photographer in England, don't hesitate to contact me.

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