What is boudoir photography and what to expect from a boudoir photo session?
Boudoir photography is a nice and fun way to mark an occasion (for example, a victory over the scales), to give a gift to a loved one or just pamper yourself and take beautiful, feminine and provocative photos with a little "Oh la la"!
For decades, boudoir photography has been considered taboo for its intimacy and allure, considered obscene and unrecognised as a creative genre pursuit due to its authenticity and realism.
The change comes as "naughty" photographs displace pin-up girls from the pages of magazines. The new photography genre was quickly "adopted" and to this day fashion and wedding photography melange it in their creative expression.
In our modern times, the celebration of femininity through photography is not a taboo but a creative universe. Standing in front of the boudoir lens is a personal search and revelation, and the session is a journey into unknown depths or marked territories. When the adventure is over, the beautiful footage remains as a testament to courage, freedom and beauty.
The focus of boudoir photography is femininity in its gentle and at the same time sensual essence without looking for eroticism but character, radiance and mood.

Where is the line between erotic and boudoir photography?
This question is largely subject to an individual answer depending on the point of view of the user of boudoir images. For the creator, the focus falls on the beauty of the feminine mystery, the strength of the personality in front of the lens and its depth and essence. Capturing natural states in light landscapes that reveal character, tell a story or ask questions makes boudoir photography an art.
Of course, all this clothed in flesh, which is neatly undressed, leads to erotic thoughts, but they are not at the center of the creative search, but are a spice in the intoxicating elixir of frankness and ease flowing in the veins of the genre. In erotic photography, the focus is on the female body, which is more often shown in provocative poses with a specific erotic message. Boudoir captures the emotion and mood of a woman revealing herself as an element and an inspiration, finding sensuality in the seemingly invisible.

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