I am sure out there are a lot of people who think photography isn't an art, because it contains so many genres in itself, such as Documentary, Sports, and photojournalism. Also, an enormous amount of people every second upload millions of pictures with second though to the Internet, and we are plagued by this. In the world with digital devices and cameras is easy for everyone to take a photo. 
 Someone might have intentions to capture his dog, but he will capture it from his position and that will not gonna be especially a good photograph. If we rather shooting the ground while you stood up, place ourselves down on the ground shooting from the same eye level as our pet, yes, this could be considered a good photo, even art. 
Following this mindset along a little bit if you do that on a consistent basis, you trying to do better with your photographs, thereby I might have the right to call you a photographer.
That doesn't mean becoming a good one necessarily, but we could call ourselves photographers, trying to make photographs. If we follow along the same line until we get to fine art photography it's not genre specific, it's not style specific, and even the quality isn't specific. 
Fine art photography is all about like so much in art is our intent. 
What could be our intentions behind the work we are trying to create? 

Fine Art and commercial photography have many qualities in common. But there is also an important difference between them.
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The boudoir photography - the taste of erotic or sensual touch for the female body!
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